FLC wash cabins

Our washing cabins are set up flexibly depending on the requirements for number of pieces and cleaning.

The FLC-15 is the largest of our standardised washing cabins. However, it can still be individually adapted to cleaning requirements. High pressures from 70-210bar, water circulation system, multi-tank system, interior & exterior cleaning, everything can be adapted to your wishes.
If it may be a little smaller, we offer you 3 more sizes. With the larger FLC-07, the medium FLC-04 and the smallest FLC-03, we cover all conceivable sizes. The systems can be individually equipped with various options such as a pressure-increasing pump or a steam fan.




High pressure pumps

PLATZ 16 P10 3


PLATZ 20 Pumpenanlagen 1

System solutions

PLATZ 10 Kabine 4




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Pumps & Spare Parts

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